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From the Desk of  Dr. Kuhan, Family Doctor:

Dear Toothache Sufferer:

Hi, My name's Dr. Kuhan and in the next few minutes, I'd like to show you how you can stop your toothache in minutes using stuff you've got at home right now, and even using pain relief techniques dating back thousands of years!

I know how you feel when you've got toothache. Although I'm a family doctor, my dental health as a child was not great, and I too have suffered with toothache and have even had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed.

I know as well as you do how sudden onset toothache can ruin your day.

No wonder dentists and orthodontists have special emergency numbers because (short of childbirth) there is nothing worse than intense tooth pain.

At it's worst, it is simply unbearable. Not only to you, but also to your family and friends who have to watch you suffer. 

It's even worse if it's your kids that have the toothache. The pain of a parent or carer seeing their child in misery is as real and intense as the child's pain.

But don't worry. I think I can help. 


    Dentist of 18 Years Reveals the Answer

Although I'm a family doctor with 19 years experience in medicine, it still wasn't enough experience to provide you with the solution you're looking for.

So I decided to interview someone even more qualified than me. This dentist with a successful practice has got 18 years of experience in dental surgery.

Even better, he's doubly qualified - holding both a degree in dental surgery and a degree in oral medicine.

I don't tell you this to brag, but just to give you some idea of this guy's background and why together we're qualified to provide you with this solution.

A Solution for Toothache Sufferers Like You

My friend the dental surgeon was frustrated that despite devoting so much time to the study and practice of dental surgery, he could only help those people suffering with toothache that were in his immediate neighborhood.

But he wanted my assurance that his name would remain confidential so that he could give you the 'inside scoop' on the instant toothache relief techniques that he and dentists all over the world use and recommend to their patients.

Of course this advice would normally come at a price...$100 or so per hour minimum for dental advice and services.

Your Solution - A Report That You Can Download Instantly

Stop Your Toothache

That's when I got the idea for an online solution. Together we wanted to give toothache sufferers anywhere the means to get instant relief.

We know from experience that when one of our patients is in pain (whether dental pain or otherwise), they don't want a 300 page synopsis of the dozens of theoretical causes and cures for their pain.... they just want relief and they want it right now!

That's why we decided to create this concise online solution that is as practical and user friendly as possible.

The Instant Toothache Solution That Suits Everyone

There are 12 sections in the report...crammed with toothache remedies.

The toothache remedies in this booklet are divided into 4 main categories, depending on YOUR situation and preferences.

For instance, if you're happy to buy medicines from the drug store, then this booklet is a great reference, telling you what drugs will work, what drugs you can safely take together, and even what drugs could make things worse.

Secondly, if you would prefer to go to your local grocery store for natural remedies, then this report will reveal all you need.

Thirdly, remedies using stuff you've got at home right now (common household items) are divulged in detail.

Finally, you'll be introduced to natural Eastern techniques dating back thousands of years that can eradicate your toothache...even if you've got no 'stuff' at home that could stop your toothache.

Just look at what you'll find in your booklet:

  Reasons why you need this unique toothache booklet:


  • Dentist 911! - Your dentist's 'insider secrets' about what to do if your tooth is bleeding heavily or knocked out
  • Common myths and misconceptions about toothache
  • The 5 kinds of a common everyday product to help your toothache
  • An easy-to-obtain product that is rubbed into the gum area to give relief in just a few minutes
  • Which 2 common painkillers are safe to take together to double your pain relief
  • Which instant relief treatment for toothache has even been featured in a Hollywood film!
  • How to use 3 items you've probably never heard of to stop toothache
  • Which 4 toothache-busting items you could buy at the drug store or supermarket...but you've probably got at home right now
  • The 10 items of food you could pull from your kitchen right now...any one of which could give you instant relief!
  • The 2 beverages which can often help toothache
  • How natural Eastern healing techniques dating back thousands of years can help your toothache...without the need for painkillers
  • How you can help your dentist to help you
  • The 2 main kinds of toothache and their causes
  • What to expect at the dentist...so you don't get stressed or anxious
  • What 'red flags' to look out for after you've seen the dentist
  • Preventing toothache next time - a simple 6-step plan

You Can Get On With Your Life...

All the information you need to stop your toothache will be available at your fingertips

Remember - this booklet will be your emergency guide... think of it as your survival guide. 

This report is the result of 18 years of experience, 8 years of study and 2 dental degrees' worth of knowledge.

Besides, how much would you give for a decent night's sleep, once you're rid of your toothache?

And you won't need to take time off work.

Most importantly, wouldn't it be good just to get on your life, once this report gives you the relief you're looking for?

So, what's a fair price for this unique report?

The Solution You Need Now at a Price That's Right!

Even the initial advice from a dentist or orthodontist costs $100-$200 ... that's even before you're actually treated. So my first thought was to charge $100.


But then I remembered the reason this booklet was written for you. To reach as many toothache sufferers as possible.

So for a limited time I'm offering you the report for $29.99.

Cheap? No. Value for money? Yes.

60 Day No Hassle Guarantee!

When you purchase your instant download report, I'm prepared to take all the risk from you.

Toothache relief or you pay nothing.

You have my personal guarantee that if you use the remedies in this report, and you don't get the toothache relief you paid for, then let me know immediately, so I can return your payment.

I don't want to risk my reputation or the reputation of this booklet, and so your money will be returned, no questions asked.

Furthermore, this guarantee period is for a full 60 days. And it's underwritten by Clickbank, a $1.7 billion dollar business.  

Are You Looking for Toothache Relief Right Now?

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You've got nothing to lose.

Whether you choose to buy the report or not, I hope your pain will ease very soon. 

Regards, Dr. V. Kuhan - Family Doctor

P.S. Remember that I'm offering this package at a special internet price of only $29.99. Cheap? No. Value for money? Definitely. 

P.P.S. Remember that my offer comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to risk.

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